Negative get credit card?

One more of those that leave doubt in many people: Negative can credit card? Today we present ways for you with the dirty name to get a card or even increase your credibility with companies.


Credit score

credit score

Delaying bills and incurring debt can one of the obstacles to the “negatively get credit card” issue? Your history counts a lot at the time of credit assessment. Institutions evaluate the customer first, to see if they can credit him with the confidence of payment.

Don’t you understand why your payer rating is bad? We already talked about it in the post: low score? Find out why the low score. This way you know what may be lowering your chances of approval.


Negative get credit card?

credit card?

So come on, our answer is YES, for those who still have doubts if negative can get credit card. If you are looking for one, today we have separated card tips that you can request even with the dirty name.

They are cards that. they are usually approved without much paperwork. Get to know each one of them, and if interested, you can request the one that most identified you. But first, remember that if you are a customer of a bank, a conversation with your manager can be a good start, since he knows your financial life.


BMG Card Mastercard

One of the most suitable cards for those who are negative. It does not go through consultation with the SPC and Serasa. Besides the annuity is completely free. But beware: this card is intended for public servants, retirees and pensioners. Check if your paying agency has an agreement.


Online Store Credit Card

Cards such as: American, Submarine, Open Market and Shoptime, undergo analysis. Your request may not be approved immediately. But in some cases they are approved more easily. These cards are issued by Detelem.


Prepaid card

This card mode is perfect for those who are negative. There is no consultation with the SPC and Serasa and with it you can control your spending. It does not work as credit, but you spend as much as you can!

Recharge and use, avoiding spending more than you earn. Great for everyday shopping and also on the internet. See this card that we have separated for you.


I’m not negative and I’m not approved

credit loan

Another common question from our readers is: “I’m not negative and I can’t get a credit card.” Once again we remember your history. If you have already left accounts late, have been negative, this may have contributed to the denial of the order. Banks and lenders may take a while to “trust” you again.


Argedon Tip

Remember, there is no point in applying for a card or credit where the minimum income required does not match yours. Always pass your updated and truthful information, which helps the card acceptance process. If you have name restrictions, seek regularization before applying for a credit card.

Interested in learning more? Nothing prevents you from trying to apply for any credit cards. If you have a good track record, before negativity, this may help. Click here to see a really cool list of options.

Feel free to our blog, there is a lot of content that can help you! Questions or suggestions, leave in the comments and until next time!